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tetra technologies, inc.

TETRA Technologies, Inc. is a geographically diversified oil and gas services company that holds premier market positions in several niche oil and gas service market categories. Headquartered in The Woodlands, Texas, TETRA is a global company with employees and operations on five continents.


In 2002, after a lengthy interview process, TETRA Technologies retained Rich to review their lease and help them with their tremendous growth. Rich uncovered poorly negotiated expansion provisions in their existing leases that heavily favored the landlord. Rich was able to convince the Landlord to relinquish their position in favor of TETRA. Over the next two years TETRA doubled is size, exceeding the available space in their current building, resulting in TETRA having to take space in two other buildings in the Woodlands. Realizing the loss of efficiencies of multiple locations, Rich once again renegotiated in behalf of TETRA, to get all leases to expire when TETRA’s main lease expired in 2009.


In 2004 TETRA engaged Rich to review and oversee their national real estate portfolio. Rich started strategically planning TETRA’s future to meet their growing needs over the next 10 years. After several reviews and unsuccessful offers on existing buildings the decision was made in 2007 that TETRA should build their own facility on land owned by the company next to their existing facility, with the completion of the new building to coincide with the lease expirations in 2009. Acting as the owners’ representative, Rich ran the financial projections, recommended architects, engineers, contractors and reviewed the process until ultimately the building team was selected and TETRA commenced construction on a 185,000 square foot headquarters facility.